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MCCAIn and Bush are causing more drug trafficking coming into AMerica and it’s even reaching the children!

bUSH AND mcCAIN HAVE MORE drug trafficking coming

into America.
We all know the trouble drug users get, they lose their
mind, life, get sick. Think of AMy WInehouse, little
But John MCcain and Bush are allow drugs into
America. Bush has failed on the drug policies.
Bush has failed every dang on thing! More
cocaine is coming onto the US than ever.
THe drug users at home is rising.
       The Bush MCCAIN has left the door WIDE open
to drug traffickers and also innocent little children.
Colombian traffickers and farmers persistently
come with their drugs willing to destroy American
people mind’s , body and spirit.
       the total area that is under cocaine cultivation
in COlombia has went up 27% from 2006-2007.
Bolivia, Colombia, and peru are the 3 top cocaine
producers and the amount of cocaine there
has increased by 16% since 2006.
 Count of John Mccain to support Columbia’s failed
policies because he DOES. AMerica continously
spends a large chunk of money on Columbia’s
military aid and eradication. We can all say
not a good idea. Americans need that money.

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