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MCCaIN voted 19 times or more against the minimum wage!!


MCcain voted 19 times against minimum wage
How would Mccain feel if his wages were minimum? He
got out the answer by avoiding the question, changing
the subjects to tax cuts. That’s how you know a true
liar avoids the question.
Then he was asked again. Mccain just said that
he’s against the increases because they are
attached to unrelated spending bills.
He said I’m for the minimum wage increases when
they are not attached to other big spending
pork barrel.
The only time MCCAIn supported a minimum wage increase
was for a war funding bill. We already know what happens
when Bush and MCCAIn support wars! Yep, that’s right,
more economic disaster! Mccain says OBama  wants to
raise taxes when OBama wants to cut taxes that AMericans
have to pay.
MCCAIN IS LYING when he says he wants to help the
American people. No one can say they want to help the
American people and vote against their help. that’s
a hyprocrite ofcourse. But John Mccain thinks too small
because he selfish. He doesn’t want to see the big
picture. The Big picture is the American people and
what us Americans dream and need to get. He can
only lie about good things he says he wants. SInce
there’s no action, there’s nothing.

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