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My black people, the news is that Bush Wasted American taxpayers dollars on the war!!

Bush is known for not spending well. He is asking for
control over billions of dollars. Bush cannot be trusted.
We know this. He has a history of wrongly managing
taxpayers dollars. So his buyout plan is going to
be NO GOOD. All that money we work hard for
is used for BUSH. He’s not using it for the world,
but this money would be used as the BUSH DONATION.
We work hard for our money to feed, clothe, take
care of and do leisure time.
IRaq Reconstruction
Bush wasted 142 million on reconstruction projects
that did not even go through.
ALot of US money for Iraq went to Sunni and Shiite
180 million dollars was paid to construction company
Bechtell for projects that were NEVER completed.
5.1 billion in money for Iraq reconstruction was not
even necessary and not even thoroughly tracked.
Halliburton overcharged the government $100 million
for ONLY one day’s worth of work in 2004.
                 Millions were wasted on 4 no bid contracts
like paying 20 million dollars for camps that can’t
be used by evacuees.
2.4 billion in contracts from Fema that was used
to profit big companies, which should have been
used on Katrina disaster victims.
There were 3million dollars spent on 4,000 beds
not used for Katrina recovery. Another waste you see.
                          Defense Contracts
 50 million dollar Air Force contract was awarded
to a company that is connected to senior Air Force
officers in a process of improper influence,
irregular procedures, many conflicts of interest.
1.7 billion in excessive fees and waste paid by
the Pentagon t othe Interior Department to handle
federal lands.
    1 trillion unaccounted for by the pentagon. This
includes 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 javelin
missile command launch units.

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