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Dj Ekin is a BLACK man who is 95.7’s Hottest Dj On the rise!

Dj Ekin is 95.7’s Hottest DJ on the Rise
It is so good for our Black people to have
their time to shine. The media does not
portray us well or to the fullest of
our greatness. But yet, for those who
take it upon ourselves to research, we
know about the great our BLACK people
produced. Just  reading this blog even
is also a great way to get the “TRUE” history.
It’s not about what the white man shows us,
it’s what we find out by ourselves. IT’s great
to get all that other education, but get the
along with that.
             DJ Ekin is a black man known as
Tampa’s most Connected DJ. He has had
the pleasure of the company of TI, Jermaine
Dupri, Young Jeezy to do their interviews.
             You may have heard him on Clear
Channel’s WBTP 95.7 The BEat, Dj Ekin
does more than djing. He shows what he can
do with vinyl and a microphone.
            THe man has built a highly respected
entertainment and marketing team.
DJ EKin has been involved in projects
like Paparazzi, a bi monthly red carpet social
event that ges 1,000s of Tampa’s young professionals.
He is also involved in the HOw we Get Down/My
Place, an online tv show that lets viewers
keep in touch with the biggest stars while
getting a look at the day to day workings of
the industry.
HE was nominated for both Male Personality of
the Year and Impact Personality of the Year
at the Southern Entertainment Awards.
Look out for him come this 2009.


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