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Hank Marr-African American b-3 Organist and Educator!

I was looking up AFrican  American jazz hall of fame.
I come across a Black man named Hank Marr.
He is known for being  a B-3 Organist and educator.
He was born January 30,1927. One of his memories
involved him sneaking off to the neighbors’ house
and playing the piano. He picked up on playing
chords from listening to music on the radio.
         His stepmother had a hard time finding
out where he was. She even asked his dad to
buy a piano.
               Hank often played with his friend ROnnie
Kirk in a garage. He got out of the service and later
played professional music in a band called Charlie
BRantley and the honey Dippers.
                Before that he did not have the knowledge
of classical music or technical aspects of music.
Hank started performing with Sammy Hopkins
Trio and joined RUsty Bryant’s band.
             Mr. Hank Marr went from playing the keyboard
to the Hammond organ.
                 Hank’s career got bigger through the
60s and 70s. He got work as a tv star George
Kirby’s musical director and played coast
to coast making many tv appearances.
One step beyond being a great musician,
he has even taught others the craft.
For 12 years, Hank taught at Ohio State
University and is now an associate professor
in the Jazz Studies program.
              August 12, 1990 Hank was honored
by the city of Columbus with a day named
after him. Hank received the Continuing Legacy
Award at the first Columbus Music Awards

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