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Obama Supporters are gaining after OBama’s excellent debate!

Obama gains more supporters because of his debate performance!
I had no doubt about it. Barack Obama’s calm and very assuring
response to the economic crisis and solid debate performance
has increased the view among voters that he is the type
of person who should be chief executive.
              MCCAIn enjoys bringing up that OBama lacks
experience.  SOME people, not all, who have experience
at times can be cold and arrogant about what
they have. Some people have this
attitude. It’s more humble to have heart
and gain experience. Not everyone was
born with experience anyways. Who came out
of the womb with a degree in Psychology or
Engineering? ABsolutely no one, they had
to get that experience. Ofcourse they had to
have the heart to continue and pursue what
they love.
  OBama has heart and education behind him.
Obama has a plan. He’s not going to just leave the world
blowing in the wind.
               MCCAIN is talking out the side of his neck
about OBama. MCcain is behind in recent polls.
Obama is gaining like a race car about to cross
the finish line.
Economics is not an issue MCcAin knows, his
reaction to the crisis is shady. Hunger for
economic change MOST likely what Americans
will vote for. I know I will vote Obama! Republicans
are to blame for this economic crisis. They walk
around like they got it all and it can’t be lost
with their selfishness. They can guess again.
Yes, Mccain even tried to blame democrats for the legislation
failure. MOre Republicans voted against it though. So this is not
adding up.

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