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Better Black tv, the Black tv show is coming our way in 2009!


Better Black Television is one of those networks to launch in 2009
              IT sounds very promising. The way its described
sounds like it offers a new perspective on our BLACK people.
No more stereotypical images. It’s full of a wide selection.
It’s a no limit show.
What makes me excited is that this show lives up
to my quote ” Don’t let people make your image,
create you own”.
          Better Black Television is tv improved on.
We know what BET shows constantly. Better
Black TV specializes in showing we are more
than we get credit for. Let those negative
images go to the backburner.
Master P is expected to run Better Black Tv.
The content on the channel will include programming
on health and fitness. We all need to be health conscious.
But the other areas are just as important, financial planning
reality tv, dramas, movies and responsible hip hop music
and videos.
This Black tv show is  located in California, New York,
Louisiana, and Florida. They will make sure to show
program politics, sports and enteertainment news, educational
children news, teen and family planning.
Denzel Washington and Will Smith are members of the
Advisory Board.
They are all about positivity.
Miller wanted to expose the black community
to a wide column list of jobs in the entertainment
field we might not know about.
Sunset and Vine  will have video shows
showcase in the top 8. The top hip hop
and R&b acts as well as classic videos
will show off a section where you can
vote on new indie unsigned artists.
The audience will have the option to
place them in “You PIck it VIdeo”
section by voting online.
One Shot Comedy Show will be involving
clean hilarious comedy and some of the
funniest comedians there around. Even
upcoming comedians have a chance
to show off what they working with.
Gee Gee the Giraffe is the Children’s
educational show featuring the giraffe
Gee Gee. This is a magical friend that
takes kids on educational adventures
involving reading and writing. This
will be featured on bBTV kids Saturday
Morning Show.
Manage your money is a segment
featuring financially successful people
lending information to viewers to
promote financial literacy.
close to the Starz Takes the show’s
audience up close and personal to
the celebs we love.
What’s Cooking Tv Show
shows you entertainment and
current events while cooking and
enjoying a tasty meal. THe host
and guests cook healthy,
budget conscious meals.
THe Black List Movies is a
family friendly featuring
top filmmakers and actors.
In this segment,we will see
the classics to the biggest
stars of today.
 Hip Hop Garage Show will
be on Saturdays and will play
all the hottest new and upcoming
stars in the most recent music
videos. There will also
be interview chosen with
content up to BBTV’s mission
and standards.
     So sounds real sweet. I’m so ecstatic
they are showing a variety of things
on Black tv. It’s like a gift to us.But it
appeals to all people because anybody
can learn from it.

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