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Black woman who made possible caller id and call waiting!

Think of the importance of technology. Whatever
we do, technology makes it easier to be done.
It takes a brilliant mind to form innovation.
Inventions eliminates  problems.
I would like to point out, or shine the light on

Dr. Shirley Jackson , who is a black woman who has
contributed many inventions in science.She is the
perfect example of Driven and pushing forward.
Jackson is one multitalented individual.
Her interest in math and science first began
as a child. So she conducted experiments and
studies like the eating habits of honeybees.
Shirley attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and got her bachelors, masters, and doctoral
degree all in physics. She became he first African
American woman to get a PH.D from MIT.
Jackson began successful experiments in theoretical
physics and used her knowledge of physics
to invent forms of telecommunication during
the time at which she worked at Bell Laboratories.
Dr.Jackson’s inventions are like an octagon. LIke
the octagon has more than one side, she has more
than one invention.
THe inventions she developed are portable
fax, touch tone telephone, solar cell, and
fiber optic cables that helped to clarify speech
in overseas telephone calls. In addition to that,
she made the Caller id and call waiting.
Jackson is now the president of the Rennsselaer
Polytechnic Institute, ranked by US News and
WOrld Report as one of the world’s top
50 colleges. The mission of the Rennsselaeur Plans
calls for applying science to the common purposes
of life.

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