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Marie Van Brown is a black woman who invented the home security system!


There’s no place like home. The statement is common and
is so true.Home is the best most comfortable place.
No matter the variety, shapes, styles
and locations of homes, tHe best home is a safe home.
See that’s where a Black woman looks out for us. Marie
van Brittan Brown is a black woman who invented
home security systems. She got that invention
patented with her partner ALbert Brown.
 Brown’s system had 4 peeop holes and a
camera that could go up and down to
look out each one. Anything the camera
showed would appear on the monitor.
An added feature of Brown’s invenion was
that a person could unlock a door with a
remote control. So, that’s the most
incredible thing how she took her
invention a step further. Marie
truly did give her invention that
extra distinction.
Yes, we know they won’t talk about
this wonderful black woman in schools,
but we know what they are trying to hide.
That’s very powerful.
How high you stand, reach,climb is
the determination of you as an individual.
OH technology!

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