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Rod Allen, A Black man who is coming at you with quality Sports Broadcasting!


Rod Allen Coming at you with quality Sports Broadcasting!
             Are you passionate about sports? Do you like to
watch it or play it? Or Both. Well, if you like watching
sports,Rod Allen Supports you. Cause see,
He does his announcing in Baseball. He was
teaming up wit Mario Impemba for FSN
Detroit. He followed the Tigers as the team
went from having one of the worst records
in the hisstory of the game to playing in
the WOrld Series.
            In 2007, he captured back to back
Michigan Emmys in the sports analyst
       Mr Allen is grateful for his success and
all the praises sent to him. His wish is that
more people of color would be in the
Major League Baseball and broadcast
             In the 60s and 70s baseball academies
were more integral to the fabric of baseball.
At these specific academies African American
players were able to grow and line up
skills on the diamond that colleges were
offering other players. These academies
have come and go like the cool breeze
on a hot sunny day.
So therefore, it takes somebody with a heart,
passion and determination to make such
academies exist again. I would love to
be responsible for such positive changes
to help my people. It makes me think
about how I would love to set up
more places where people can get
advantages in life, sports, recreation,
education, somewhere positive where
people can spend time.
Moving on, I would like to say that Ron
Washington , a black man manages
the Texas Rangers. He signed in 1971
for the Kansas City Royals Academy.
Washington was named by some guy
named Jim Leyland as coach of the
All Star Team.
            THese academies need to come back
so more of OUR Black people can have
these opportunities. We should not have
to go so far to get opportunity. But we
know at times, opportunity can be
as far as a mile, 2 miles,3 miles, 4 miles
and the list gones on.
But back to Mr Allen, he started off as
a tv broadcaster because he served
a hitting instructor in the Arizona
Diamondbacks farm system.
With over 3o years in the game, Mr. Allen
has had stints as a player with the
Cleveland Indians and the Seattle
Mariners. Also, he played in Japan
with Hiroshima of the Central League.
By 1984, he played 15 games with the
Detroit Tigers and that gave him his first
World Series Ring. By 2001, in his role
as broadcaster of the Diamondbacks, he
was fitted for his second.
His tv break came in 1998 after
Diamondbacks Director of Broadcasting
Thom Brennaman came to him during
a tour at the building site for Bank One
Ballpark. Their discussion involved
life, career, and baseball.
THe Diamondbacks brought in current
ESPN Broadcaster Joe Morgan and
current commentator Harold
Reynolds.Yet, Mr. Allen landed the job.
Mr. Allen was a quick study. Zip Zip Zip
right through it! He even composed his
own style.
By 2003, Mr. Allen shifted from the Diamondbacks
to the Detroit Tigers.
            Arizona brought in Mark Grace to play
1st base to the end of his career. Part of
Mr. Grace’s deal was focused on doing
Tv analysis when his playing career ended.
Mr. Allen lives up to my quote, Success is
what you put in, and life will show you the output.Now,
since he’s a sports broadcaster for baseball, let’s
talk in baseball terms. His talent is a homerun.

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