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Sign this petition, my black people to make sure that the voting process is kept private and they don’t change it to public!

They are trying to come up with a public
ballot process. I just read about this. It seems
as if people are becoming UN American.
America is the country known for freedoms
and liberties. Why are people trying to
change the ballot process from private
to public?
Everybody has the right to vote in private.
I think they want people to vote in public
to try to use the vote against people.
I see this as unconstitutional and very
Imagine people looking over your shoulder
saying don’t vote for this person. Imagine
people trying to spy on a person’s vote.
It’s kinda stalkerish.
  But here is the position that we should
sign to make sure  the voting process
is a private process.
So, do the thing that’s best for us Americans
and sign the petition.Voice your views.

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