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The Black dolls collector’s site… could never have enough black dolls!


INtroducing THE BlACK  dolls collection
               There are all sorts of beautiful wonderful classic
black dolls for the needs of our Black people, whether
adult,teen, or child. These are some of the best doll
images for black children to see. US Black people
must present these positive black doll images
to encourage black kids.
           One doll that specifically cataches my attention
first is Tra La la luvly. THis black doll comes with
flowers. I have not seen many dolls that come with
flowers. Yet,This exquisite doll is 26 inches. She
comes with butterflies and tulips.
Fun Felisha is another black doll on the site
I feel the need to shine light on. She has bedtime slippers,
a blanket and a beach theme.
           Another Black doll is dressed up as a gardener. The Black doll is
rocking the hooded bright floral jacket.
  Fourth, this Black doll called Zoom Zoom
 is equipped with a plush car and a blanket.
This black doll kinda looks like he has twists in his hair.
                 And oh, another black doll I want to point out is “CHILLIN”.
She is a doll that has the twistout pattern hair. She has
an embroided skater emblem on her shirt.
               Butterscotch is a new 2007 black doll. Her dress is purple and
yellow. She is of the most elegant nature, dressed  to the T.
I would love these kinda black dolls to get commercial
airplay. I’m going into mass media and I dream of putting these
type of dolls on tv. These kind of Black doll images should
fill the black child’s room. Black is beautiful we know and
always have been we know. It’s getting these images
more attention that needs work. You’ve read my words,
now it’s about the visuals. CHeck those black dolls out!

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