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Those IDiots still trying to shut down our vote!

Dummies trying to shut down our vote again..Scared of a Black president!
 We all know Republicans and their dirty tricks.
John Mccain is a grandpa. He’s too old to be a president.
THe Younger the better with Obama but most importantly
Obama is a man of ethics. JOhn is a man of rhetoric.
Now for the big issue currently, 6 swing states like
Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, NEvada, and North
Carolina are trying to throw out our vote before getting
to the polls. It’s important that we go vote and check
back on it. They need to have some type of security
in the place to guard the votes. Republicans are biting
their nails just having the feeling that Obama is going to
win. They can smell the win, it’s in the air, so
the B’s are scattering like crazy to try to stop it.
The Times investigation discovere that election officials
are throwing out voter registrations on unconstitutional
grounds. Well arrest each and everyone of them, I
hope. They are trying to make it so that 10s of thousands
of votes are not counted in Novemeber.
IF your registration is removed, you may be challenged by
the election officials and part officials. They already
played their little sneaky tricks in OHio in 2004 and
don’t forget the infamous FLorida voter vamp in the
2000 election.
But it’s like this, if you have registered in good standing
with a state election board, and are 18 years or beyond,
are a US citizen you can go to the polls and cast your
own vote you pick.
ALl this information can be found at this site:
Call the number by the state you live in to check on your standing
and make sure you are registered to vote so there’s no obstacle
on ELection day.
Alabama (800) 274-VOTE
Alaska (907) 465-4611
Arizona (877) 843-8683
Arkansas (501) 682-3526
California (800) 345-VOTE
Colorado (303) 894-2200
Connecticut (800) 540-3764
Delaware (302) 739-4277
District of Columbia (202) 727-2525
Florida (850) 245-6200
Georgia (404) 656-2871
Hawaii (808) 453-8683
Idaho (208) 334-2300
Illinois (217) 782-4141
Indiana (317) 232-3939
Iowa (888) 767-8683
Kansas (785) 796-4564
Kentucky (502) 573-7100
Louisiana (225) 342-4970
Maine (207) 642-7736
Maryland (800) 222-VOTE
Massachusetts (800) 462-VOTE
Michigan (517) 373-2540
Minnesota (651) 215-1440
Mississippi (800) 829-6786
Missouri (573) 751-2301
Montana (406) 444-4732
Nebraska (402) 471-3229
Nevada (775) 684-5705
New Hampshire (603) 271-3242
New Jersey (609) 292-3760
New Mexico (800) 477-3632
New York (800) FOR-VOTE
North Carolina (919) 733-7173
North Dakota (800) 352-0867
ext. 8-4146
Ohio (614) 466-2585
Oklahoma (405) 521-2391
Oregon (503) 986-1518
Pennsylvania (717) 787-5280
Rhode Island (401) 222-2345
South Carolina (803) 734-9060
South Dakota (605) 773-3537
Tennessee (615) 741-7956
Texas (800) 252-VOTE
Utah (800) 995-VOTE
Vermont (800) 439-8683
Virginia (804) 786-6551
Washington (360) 902-4180
West Virginia (304) 558-6000
Wisconsin (608) 266-8005
Wyoming (307) 777-7378


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