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NEws, My Black people, the House of Representatives gets free cars and free gas!

My Black people, what’s up? Well, did you know
that Congress gets free gas and free cars? Or did you
think they paid for it themselves?
          The truth is that gas and cars are free for COngress.
Want to be in COngress?  Lol I know a lot of
people may want to be for the benefits. How much
education and training does it take to be in Congress?
Guess I have to research it as always.
Here are the facts:
Charles B Rangel is the chairman of House Ways and
Means Committee. HE leases a 2004 Cadillac
Deville for $777.54 a month. THe Car is 17 feet long
equipped with a 300 horsepower engine and
seats 5 people. THis cadillac has a desk in it.
Charles says its like an airplane. Well it sounds
like a first class airplane.
      There is a few restrictions ofcourse like
most good things have a restriction. They
limit people to certain kinds of cars they can
buy. But guess what? Members of the
HOuse of Representatives can  do some
happy spending! They can spend however
much they want on the car.
According to when this article was written
gas was $3.63 a gallon all over the world.
I was out yesterday and noticed gas was
$2.99. I know people were happy about that.
That sure looks good compared to $4.00.
ALong with free gas cars, the federal
government picks up the cost of general maintenance,
insurance, registration frees and excess mileage
charges. As we can see, the federal government
does not want the HOuse of Represenatives to
stress too much.
                  I mean after all, who would say no to
a piece of that pie? A lot of people would take the
whole pie. Each thing that’s paid for is a piece
of the pie most Americans want to get into.
Congressional records show that 125 members
of the HOuse make use of the benefit. The benefit
has been there since the 1980s, my birth era.
This is part of the allowance provided to them
because of their office operations.
          Oh and dig this, they are not leasing cars with
public money.
              IN one bad instance members have found
themselves in deep trouble in their districts
for extravagant tastes and for leasing foreign
cars.And then there is Representative Maurice
D. Hinchey’s lease of a BMW 530i to the
Binghamton PRess & Sun Bulletion saying
Mr. Hinchey, a Democrat sticks it to
the Taxpayers and AMerican workers.
      To sum it all up, there’s nothing like being in a career you
love, but then to be a career you love with added benefits,
that’s the ultimate. A good car is good for health. That’s lets
stress you have to do for your car. Plus, in the article
it talks about cars that are more healthy for the enviornment.
That’s just the short version of the article.
Go see how long it is here:

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