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African Hairstyles:How many designs can make out of cornrows? These ways and more!

My Faux Hawk

We all know about the expertise of Our Black people in braiding hair, looks, fashion, talent, invention
and everything you could think
of that’s professional and great.
I would like to particularly point out
such creative designs in cornrows.
          What’s great about people who
are hair stylist is that they make good money. That’s money everyday for them. Lord knows that having money everyday is the best way to live. Waiting a week or 2 weeks to get a check is slow.
           But being a licensed hair professional is the glamorous life. Even if a person has hair skills but no license, that’s good to have. Getting hair done is on the most popular list. Cornrows allows for a long list of styles. How many ways can hair be done with
cornrows? Take a look. You can have fun with them.

Custom Braid Design




Got to love these cornrows


Kim's Cornrows

Cornrows w/ Design & Singles in Back


Prettiest Eyes

Cornrows and twist out

Just Gorgeousalicious

Custom Braid Design


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