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The African Fashion of Wearing Nature ready for the Viewing!!!

 Flower, flower, flower, flower, flower, flowers.....and blue for kathryn for her most favorite c

The Black African fashion show enriched in nature!
                Nature is a beautiful place from the waterfalls
to watersplash. There are some incredible nature photos
around the internet. We know about our Black people
in Africa and how they take nature and make it a fashion.
Well……….their use of make up involves bright
yellows, startling white, earth tone reds,
along with the accessories for the finishing touches.
These various looks are inspired by wild trees,
the most beautifu flowers,and lush vegetation
areas next to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan.
Replacing the scarf, our Black African people
use banana  leaves. It reminds me somewhat
of a wreath. IT is composed of seed pods,
buffalo horn, a crown of melons, feathers,
 stems and storks.
OUr Black people in Africa use zebra
skins as leggings, wear snail shells as
necklaces and clay to stick their
incredible designs to their heads.

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