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My Black People, a great key to health and walk those pounds off! Burn high calories!

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“Walk Away The Pounds” (dvd by Leslie Sansone)
            This is one of the dvds that I was given by
a friend.  When I tried it, it was fun. I needed another
exercise plan to go with my 30 minute dancing
routine that I do 3 times a week. 
In this video, I noticed and remember how Leslie did
the hand stretching, lifting legs back, holding weights.
Well, that’s just some of the things in the video.
I find that this video inspired me. Sometimes when
I’m dancing I get bored. I have the moves in my
head sometimes and other times, I only repeat some of
the few same routines for 30 Minutes. So the fact
that I found this dvd Walk Away the Pounds makes
me happy. I already know the routine as I’m watching
it. So I don’t have to think too much about what I
want to do in this rountine. This makes the time
go by faster for me. I have never found an excercize
I want to do everyday. I did the 3 mile walk. This
excercize routine is a walk you can do in your home.
You don’t need gymnasium space. You don’t have
to go outside, so its pretty convenient.
      The dvd has a side for 1 mile. THe Other side
is for 2 miles. I did them both so I did 3 miles.
I enjoy the fact that they let us viewers know when
we get to half a mile, a mile, 2 miles. That’s very
encouraging. THe 2 mile walk side of the dvd
burns higher calories.
THis excercize is made to tone legs, butt, and abs.
IT conditions your heart. It speeds up your
MOre on what it does:
Intensifies weight loss
Works legs, chest, back and arms
Builds strong muscles, and bones
Gives a smaller tighter waist
OH and you wil need a set of 2lb weights.
In this dvd, they use blue ball weights.
IF you have none, you can use two
cans, one for each hand.
            Anyways, it’s a fun workout. It makes working
out easier. I’ll give you this example. I tried getting
on the excercize bike my mother has and it is a drag.
The longest 20 minutes of my life. When I do the
routine on the Walk Away the Pounds dvd,
I get up to 45 minutes worth of excercize. This
dvd is all of upbeat and positive. We have heard
of the expression Time flies. It truly does with
this dvd. It motivates our health and our weight
loss. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal. Get on board. I’m glad
to be a witness to tell you from experience in
doing this fitness routine.
In closing, I describe this excercize routine as
brisk, dynamic, and truly inspiring.


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