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The process of donating blood is great because it helps people and it gets you paid!

It’s always great to volunteer.
But its even better to help someone
and yourself at the same time.
We all need help. So, I know
the economy is a hard place
and even if it was not, I would
still want people to know how
to donate blood to help and
to make money.

They have places where you can donate blood plasma
and get paid for it. IF you have read my article on how
more Black people need to donate blood, then you know
how strong the need is. Black people are a match in blood
with other black people that’s what I read.

Anyways, I have donated blood before and got money for it.
At The IBR Plasma center, I gave blood.
I would like to inform you on the process if you have
never given blood. It took me 3-4 hours to give blood the first
time I went. After the first time, it goes a lot faster. They ask
for your information like your social security card and student id,
driver’s license or other photo id.

The process is getting one of your fingers pricked.They
check your arms. They ask you put the thermostat stick or
whatever stick to test saliva. When they take your blood pressure,
they let you know if its too low or too high. IF your blood pressure
is not within a certain range, people will not be able to donate.
Please make sure you know what to do to keep your blood
pressure on point. IT is recommended that you eat a big meal
before donating blood. Just in case, you should also eat something
like crackers or a snack before you give blood.

They ask that you do reflexes, they check your heart,
and they ask for a urine sample.

They stick people with a needle. Before that, they put this
gooey brown liquid on your arm and smooths it on with
a q tip. They stick the needle in, it’s not too painful. It’s
almost like being pricked. They tape the needle down.
They even weigh you.

They take your picture. WHen there, they ask you
to read over the rules and make sure people do those
activities that prevent people from donating. SOon after,
they ask you to sign the form. Not getting enough food
will cause people to faint. Remember this too, eating just
one or two things is not enough to help you be ready to
donate blood. Also, if a person’s iron levels is low they
won’t be able to donate blood. The place I went to takes
blood, but their machine takes out the plasma. The place
I’m referring to is the IBR Plasma Center.

It takes about 45 minutes to an honor to donate blood.But
before you go, make sure you do everything to keep your
blood pressure normal. I would really hate
for someone to go up there, wait and not
be able to donate. But as much as you can keep your
blood pressure normal. Ask questions of all the reasons
why people get deferred from donating blood. I want
yall to be able to give blood and get money.

At the following site, you will find Blood plasma centers in different cities and

Questions answered about blood donations:


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