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Benedict COllege is a massive Impressive Black COllege in South Carolina!!!

Benedict pennett Pictures, Images and Photos

Benedict College is
one of those colleges that leave a lasting impression.
Just look at what they are doing.

Benedict college has a listing
of clubs and organizations ready and
waiting for you.

IF you ever wanted to join the military,
they’ve got AROTC to satisfy that.

I was just sitting there looking at Our
Beautiful Black people having fun.
It’s the most exciting looking college.
The gorgeous black women and
the handsome black men are dressed
in the colors purple and yellow. They
are in unison, in perfect harmony.
As they march down the streets
it is truly powerful because you know
they’ve got a BIG message.

In the Benedict College COncert
Choir, they are dressed in black with
their red roses,dashing, charismatic
and dreamy.But us black people are
always that. Just let me say that it’s
something so elegant about those
dresses and so cute about those tuxes.

There’s nothing like a marching band to
get that energy pumping.The marching
band is full entertainement at
the football games, parades, and other
the hype of the crowd. Our Black people
are strutting their stuff. They standing
and sitting in different photos with a sexiness
that’s so classy.

Oh and lets take a look at the Harold ODom Dance
Theatre. Step into the zone
and you will find jazz, hip hop,
African and MOdern dance.
IT all is centered around OUR
Black history. IT was Harold
Odom who began the dance
program at Benedict College
in 1991. They make it look
extra fun too.

The Students participating have traveled
to local schools and encouraging
more kids to dance. You will find that
they have performed at conventions
and special events around South
Carolina and George leaving their
audiences oh so impressed.

In the Student Government Association,
Our Beautiful black people have
taken roles on such as President, Vice
President,Recording Secretary, etc.


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