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Want to know how I lost 6 pounds?

I charismaallover am 5’3 130 pounds. I used
to be 136 pounds. I lost weight and kept eating what I want,
delicious meats and delicious side items. I love me some fries,
hamburger, meatloaf, pizza, shrimp fried rice, pepper steak,
cube steak, sloppy joe, Tostados ( Tostadas
are shells for hamburger, shredded
cheese, sour cream, ortego mild sauce).

I don’t deny myself. I am not into the fruit diet
of having fruit for breakfast lunch and dinner. The food guide
pyramid says we must have meats too. The thing is I try my
hardest to eat before 7pm. THat helps to lose weight. I also
excercize twice.

For a woman like me who loves to eat the
most delicious foods, I had to do this. The thing is I was only
excercizing 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Once I gained
weight I was like oh heck no! I bumped up my excercize
time to 5 days a week. Each of the 5 days I excercize is
for 30 minutes in the earlier part of the day and 30 minutes
in the evening.

I started from 136 and got to 134, and got to 132, and now
I’m 130 pounds and steadily knocking off the calories. I am writing
this to help you to if you desire to lose weight. It’s a great feeling.
I even think positive about losing weight like I be thinking about
good excercize songs I want to write.

Sometimes I eat standing up or sitting down. I drink
Crystal Light as well since there’s no sugar and that supports
my desire to lose weight. Like I said, I’m down to 130 pounds
doing my routine. I dance to the song “Breakin’ Dishes” by
Rihanna, then I switch up to new songs. Music inspires my
dance moves.

I dance to how I feel the music. IF I really
want to get all my excercize out of the way I will dance
in the morning about 930 or 10:30 am and then come back
and dance at 12pm or 1pm so I don’t have to weight to the
late evening. I always like to dance on even time, either
something O’clock or something 30. Example 9:00am or 9:30am.

Water sometimes makes people full so if you drink like 2 or 3 glasses
you might get full. I get happy just thinking about the calories
and the weight running away.


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