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Republicans at their dumbest, using more voting tricks!!

Yes, They are trying to use more excuses of

why voters can’t vote. Confusing emails, disturbing phone calls

and insinuating fliers have been left on doorsteps. Now they

are lying saying if people have unpaid parking tickets or
criminal convictions they could be arrested at the polls
for voting. These Sorry low lifes had the nerve

to send fliers with authentic looking commonwealth

There were at least 2 Hispanic women harrassed

saying a Republican lawyer came to their

home and threatened to deport them. Documents

show they are US Citizens.

The Voting Rights ACt says it is a crime to mislead
and intimidate voters. People who do this can
be prosecuted. Well, give Mccain plenty of jail time
and his flunkies too.

IF they find out who is doing this, they can be
prosecuted for misleading and intimidating voters.
I’m glad it’s called a crime because these
people have lost their dang on marbles
always trying to get people to vote
for Republicans.

I don’t know who JOhn MCcain thinks he is
but he better be careful. He could lose all that
money in a day.

More tricks Republicans use are saying that if you
already voted in any election this year, you cannot
vote in the presidential election.

A flier said that in order to cut long voting lines
Republicans would cast ballots on NOvember 2nd
and Democrats would cast ballots on November 3rd.


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