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Augusta Baker, the African American Librarian who worked in the City Public Library System!

Two loves of my life
Here’s a very special
tribute to black librarians. Round of
applause to Augusta Baker. She is one of
OUr Black people whowas a librarian.I
want to see more Black Librarians
in all states.Anyways, Augusta Baker lived in Baltimore Maryland and
moved to Columbia when her career ended.

And ofcourse being a librarian is not just so simple.
In order to be a librarian a person must have a degree.
I was so surprised to figure that out.

Augusta Baker is taken care of. She a literary phenomenon who got her degree in Library science from New York State

Her routine is that she would light a candle,
then tell a story. Augusta Baker open children’s
eyes to literature. Her passion was doing
dramatic storytelling and was so glad to
entertain them.

On the list, Ms. Baker was number 6 of
100 most important library figures in our
nation’s history. What makes her so memorable
is all she does and that she worked
in the City Public Library System.

Just in time, she began work there in 1937.
That was the start of a time when children’s
literature depicted African Americans. Baker
set up a list of positive of books that showed
off positive, realtistic images of African Americans.
This encouraged authors and artists to make
original works of children’s fiction out of the black

She took on the position as Storyteller in Residence
at the University of South Carolina.Augusta
shows children that if you have a vision
put it out there.Let it be seen and heard.

Her parents and grandparents introduce her
to books at a really young age. Baker
graduated at New YOrk State College.

At 26, Baker did her first library job at
New York Public Library’s 135 Street
in Harlem. Going in, she thought this was be
a temporary job. But Guess what? It lasted
17 years.See, just goes to show people never
know where things will lead. Just like the
volunteer can lead himself or herself in the
job, think about other positions lead to
higher positions. With being a volunteer
can be rewarding like having a job. But she
is the true representation of doing it big.

So her long term job gave her the opportunity
to found James Weldon John Memorial Collection
of Children’s books right there. This collection
correctly portrays black children and black life.
That led her to become one of the top administrators
in the country. She took over children’s services.

There was a time where she was a consultant to
Sesame’s Street tv show.So there you go, if you
know any kids who watch Sesame Street,
that’s something to tell them.

People even got creative in their way
To bring her more attention, recognition
and honor. The College Library and
Information Science, joined with the Richland
County Public Library, to founded the annual
Augusta Baker’s Dozen Storytelling Festival
because of her.

Like her desire to tell children’s stories,
I desire to write children’s stories.I think
I will try that one day.Her being so driven
can drive somebody else.Kudos!!


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