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Pearl Fryar, the black man who is a topiary artist with his works in a South Carolina Museum!!!

Pearl Fryar Topiary Demonstration 23
(Pearl Fryar above and below)
Well, there’s something very inviting about a beautiful garden.
If you see it, it’s like a dream place that you want to dive in or
walk in rather. I’ve seen pictures of topiary online like a clock
and other things. Topiary art is truly superb. But rarely do
we hear the news talk about our black people doing topiary art.
Well, great news! Pearl Fryar, a Black man age 68 is a topiary
artist. He has trimmed the bushes and yard stuff to such delight.

He’s in South Carolina, a place I plan to go.
The man is so skilled, he now has a documentary
out about himself doing topiary works. “A Man Named
Pearl is the name of his documentary. It is
directed by Scott Galloway and Brent Pierson.

Synopsis: This documentary shows show the son
of an African AMerican sharecropper gets around
all the bigotry and racism. He takes junk plants
and transforms them for the better to be
the “attention getting” and dazzling topiary art forms.
His work has taken several decades of trimming
and tweaking. Thousands of people are rushing to
see his garden, a 3 and a half acre backyard.

Before he became topiary king, people complained
saying he did not keep up his yard. That’s why
people never know who they are talking
to or standing next to or living next to.
If they only knew. But ofcourse I’m
sure they found out.Well, the
man gave his yard a makeover.

It was Jackie Robinson that inspired
Pearl to know his dreams could come true
even though Jackie did baseball and Pearl
does topiary art. So Pearl fashioned plants into
figurative forms, 20 foot geometric compositions
and letters that show his love.

ANd what an innate ability he has to do this.
He had absolutely no training in horticulture.
So he taught himself. All Pearl’s topiary
designs are a vision. Like the fashion designer
has a vision so does Pearl in his topiary art.

If you like gardens, have one or just curious
about them, the film gives away Pearl’s
secrets. The secrets are pretty easy and basic.
Sprays and fertilizers are things
he does NOT use to protect the plants.
Pearl does NOT even have a watering
system. In place of that, he digs
trenches around the plants that collect
rainwater. So his kind of gardening is
very different.

Pearl has got it going on as you can see.
He has a permanent collection of the South
Carolina State Museum in Columbia. He is known
nationally for his exceptional garden by the
Perservation Project of the Garden Conservancy.

ANd more than just topiary, Pearl wants to help
students who don’t test well to discover what
they are good at so they can acheieve through
hard work He lectures in public schools,
colleges, church groups, etc.

To sum it all up, success is like stairs, you
must walk from the bottom to get to the top.
You don’t just take the elevator in success.

Source of article written:

Video trailer and more information about his documentary in topiary art

Pearl Fryar Topiary Demonstration 26


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