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Willis Crosby, the black man whose habit is giving and helping our black people through radio!!!

Who is Willis H. Crosby? Willis H. Crosby is a Black
Radio legend. He first stepped onto the microphone
September 16, 1947 at WAIM studios. His radio
career continued at WANS and lasted till Feb 1997.

He is noted as the first Black disk jockey in Upstate
South Carolina. Crosby recruited national gospel
and rhythm and blues artists like the Williams
Brothers, the Swannee Quintet, the Five blind
Boys, Sam Cooke and Soul Steerers, Percy
Sledge, Dee Clark, and Joe Simon to

The proceeds coming from concerts were
promoted by Crosby and sponsored scholarships
to deserving students to attend college.
Mr. Crosby raised food, toys, and clothing
for families that are in need.

He used his show as a bridge to influence
and sponsor numerous causes. Willis took
many children to Atlanta for professional
baseball games and those people got to
see radio upclose through his “DJ for a day”
program. Trips like that make the biggest
impact on a child’s life. Some of that
career field might just rub off on them
and even the desire to be humanitarians.
It would be great to have generation and
generation of people to do that. The thing
is though that I read online that us Black
people are the most charitable.

Continuing on, he did custodial work at WANS
and the handling of his show’s advertising and
production duties. One of his quotes is “Anything
that’s legal is good work.

Mr. Crosby’s facilitated appearances in area
schools to further positive human relations. He
promoted both local talent and professional concerts to
raise money for food,clothing, scholarships for the
economically disadvantaged, and money to supply
a room at the Anderson Memorial Hospital.

This his persistence to keep going on, he received
many awards from the South Carolina General
Assembly and from local religious, educational,
and civic and charitable organizations.

The moral of the story is that the more people
to help and do something or be a part of
something great, the better the world is. Also,
we give to help others but in the process
when we give, we get back. Sometimes
what we give back is the same blessing,
one of equal value, or better.

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