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Wynton Marsalis is a black man who is the first musician to win both classical and jazz grammy Awards in the same year and do that again!

Music is a sound for the soul” that’s
what I say. Think of how many times
a different song has touched you
and how. Think about what it made
you feel and how it made your day.
Well, where music is concerned
Wynton Marsalis is the man to
show off his skills.

Wynton Marsalis is one of our African
American people that has enormous talent.
His talent is so big that it could get a crowd
excited like the final basketball throw making a team win.
Marsalis started off early in music at the age of 6.
When he was 14, he made his debut with the
New Orleans Philharmonic. He played with the
New Orleans Civic Orchestra and at the same
time he played funk and jazz with other local
groups. An honor also under his belt is that
he was a Straight A student who graduated
high school with honors. He went on to
continue studies at the Julliard School
of Music in New York City.

Marsalis was still a teenager when he joined Art
Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, a great
finishing school of many musicians.
At age 19, he signed a recording contract
with CBS Records. Over the next 17 years
he produced about 40 jazz classical
recordings for Columbia Jazz and Sony

Question, what makes this musician really stand
out?In 1983, he had done something nobody ever
did, he won both classical and jazz
Grammy Awards in the same year. He
then repeated that. Mr. Hampton has
taken home 6 Grammy awards for his
jazz and 2 for his classical music.

His accomplishments are like a grand empire.
His achievements keep going.
In 1987, he co founded Jazz at Lincoln
Center to sponsor jazz performance and
educational programs at New York’s
Premier performing arts center.
Since 1992, Marsalis served as the
business’ Artistic Director and
the leader of the Lincoln Center
Jazz Orchestra.

The concert pieces he has written are
In this House, On This Morning, and
a longer version based on the form
of a tradional gospel service.

Come 1993, Marsalis has composed
music for ballet and modern dance
and has created works for the
New YOrk City Ballet and Alvin
American Dance Theater.

And the Pullitzer Prize goes to
Marsalis….for his oratorio Blood in
the Fields. He was the very first
jazz musician to take this honor.
2000 came and he saw the release
of the 8 volume CD series
Swinging Into the 21st.

The Very busy man Marsalis produces
music education programs for public
radio and tv. His 4 part tv series Marsalis
on Music shows young viewers
the adventure of making music.
Mr. Marsalis was even the principal
consultant and on camera commentator
for the 20 hour documentary series called

Basically the facts I have given are like a
slideshow. It’s so much better if you see
the full picture by seeing his works.`

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