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Explore the African American Military Bands are Black people were in!!

There’s nothing like a band
to show school pride. It’s the right thing
to turn an ordinary day into a fun day.

It’s like bands get our interested piqued as people.
It’s one thing to watch a band stroll through but to be in one
that’s like an honor. I was in a parade, not a band, but
close enough.

So behind all the African American bands is a history.
To start, the American music industry began publishing
music by Black composers after the Civil War. These
works were either on a general music site or a site
devoted completely to African American music. They
consist of voice, piano, or piano solo.

African American Band Music and Recordings 1883-1923,
draws on material from the Library of Congress copyright
deposits show types of instrumental ensemble, one
for band and for what musicians call theater orchestra or
hotel orchestra.

Publishers made stocks reserved for the
biggest hits. For example, John Church,
regularly published John Philip Sousa’s
marches in piano two hands, piano four
hands, piano six hands, orchestra,military band;
zither solo; zither duet; mandolin solo; mandolin
and piano; mandolin and guitar; mandolin–piano and guitar;
two mandolins and piano; two mandolins and guitar;
guitar solo; banjo duet; banjo solo; banjo and piano.

This is my first time hearing about it, But there is a such
thing as military bands. The African AMerican Band
Music And Recordings , 1883 to 1923 are for a military
band. That involves a band with several woodwind players
instead of a brass band

Military bands were not only carried out by the military but
these bands were a everyday part of civil life
in the 20th century. The Bandstands in which military
bands played still stand in village greens and town square
of American towns. These areas have loud traffic noise.

The instrumentation of the military band requires a
smaller ensemble than the current American concert
bands. Though most of the instruments are the same,
it’s the E flat horns that are different. The
E flat horns are doubled by instruments in
modern bands.

Molly Green and Montague Ring pieces are
specifically for English concert band. These
pieces in particular need re instrumentation before
being played by an American band. It’s amazing how
bands are, bands show unity and how we as people
work together and push forward. This and
there is more to learn here:


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