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Video Games such as Crypt Raider and Michael Michael Go Recycle are a Challenge and also very fun!!

Challenge your mind. The more you challenge your mind
the better. Then we challenges come you already have that
critical thinking habit. I love video games because I like to figure
out things. I have to admit that when I”m online I look up a lot of

I found this awesome video game. It’s called Crypt raider.
The challenge is to move the balls around without getting them
stuck. Pushing the balls into a rock or another ball can get
the balls stuck. I have been playing this game for weeks.
I got up to level 20 and recently got to level 27. It’s so
much fun and makes the time go by so fast. The game
is timed. If you need help with it, just let me know. I will
give you some hints.

Next game is Michael, Michael Go recycle. It’s this little
boy character that goes around picking up litter. It’s also
timed. It tells you how many items of litter you collected,
how many you need to get and etc.


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