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Does Everyone already know that AOL is free if you have dsl, cable, high speed internet or others in that category?

Yes, everybody, maybe this is old news or news that is new,
depending upon who already knows but Aol is free. Aol is only free if
you have dial up, high speed internet, cable, , Dsl, or fiber. Aol really
has the best set up. It looks better to me than yahoo. I like the way
aol organizes. Yahoo looks good. But Aol is the best.

So to all of you, I want you to be able to save money. If you
don’t have the high speed, dial up, cable, dsl, fiber,etc, then
Aol has a lower price. You can use their ways of connection.
But If you have at least one of those connection ways, Aol is NO price,
completely free. If you recently switched to another broadband connection at home,
you can switch and stop paying for your aol account.

Go to keyword : Change Plan on AOl and click the free button.
You don’t even have to talk to customer service about it. It’s automatic.
I enjoy when something super great is free. But aol is the best way
to go. I been having it for years. I have always seen quality service
with them. I recommend them over and over again.

Yet, if you need internet connection like dsl, cable, etc anything in that
category, they have a plan that’s $25.90 and one that’s $9.95 for their
dsl,cable, high speed internet,etc.

So people that don’t have aol are just missing out.
Come see how great it is. Thank you.


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