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Clothes that are Designed by Our Black people and in honor of our Black People!!

Black woman in black&white

There is nothing like a great beautiful and flattering
outfit to go with our beautiful shape.After all the hard
work we do excercizing, toning our bodies and eating
right, a beautiful wardrobe is our reward. It makes us
feel good to look good. Well great news, my black people.

Ashro is a Black Clothing company where the gear
is designed by Black Women for Black women.
The designs and style of their clothes, the whole look
is emulate (excellent).

What your eyes will see before you is the most colorful
and creative wardrobe. Their dresses, caftans, tops, tunics,
jacket dresses, suits, skirts, skirt sets, pants, pant suits,
lingerie, outerwear, etc all SCREAM Queen. The wardrobe
is hot hot hot, really good.

One look and you want to buy. It’s a whole setup
of perfect sophistication. I know I could not help but
keep looking through the clothes page by page by page.
This is Ashro.

The jewelry is so out of this world great. Everywhere
you look on the site, there’s a treat. NOt just any jewelry,
this jewelry comes to life and lays just nicely on
a matching outfit. Go see what I mean.


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