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Did you know that Fedex Supports the UNCF to help Black colleges? Also, did you know they are rewarding 4 year scholarships?

United Negro College Fund
What is one of the most important things to
do to support black colleges?
The answer is to
research, understand and support the companies
that support our Beautiful luxurious Black colleges. Supporting businesses
that support black colleges is just
like irrigation. We know irrigation
is a way to bring water. It takes
water for growth. Growth is
what the best things require.
THE fedex helps the UNCF, a big funding
for Our Black Colleges. FedEx Corp has given
$331,800 to the UNCF to found the FedEx
UNCF SCholarship Initiative.

This is just an example of how the Fedex
Corporation is strictly dedicated to supporting
organizations and initiatives that positively
help communities they service.

THeir objectives are to help with the increasing
cost of college and the tightening credit crunch.

The FedEx UNCF Initiative will give 5
4 year scholarships for 2009,2010, and 2011
academic years to black high school seniors
going to historically black colleges and universities.
This includees the 39 UNCF member schools.

The Program is in support of the UNCF HBCU
EMpower ME Tour, which purpose is to teach
students to be savvy savers and borrowers.
Fedex has been so active in participating in the
2008 HBCU Empower Me Tour which started
September at Howard University in Washington
DC. This will go on till May 2009.

The African American Sales Network at
Fedex has been particularly involved.
This grant will allow Fedex to help UNCF
and its member institutions get bright
and gifted students to new opportunities,
more choices and better confidence in
the workplace.

Among the already stated criteria,
the scholarship candidate needs to have at
least a gpa of 3.0, have financial need and
give your best 2 page essay stating objectives
and community service.The scholarship
is basically calling our names. ALl we got
to do is look into and do what it requires.


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