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Black women make more money than white people in Britain!

Pretty Money

Black women now outstrip whites on pay

The average earnings of black women in Britain go
higher than white people says government statistics.

Black Carribean women earned $62 a week, 6% more
than white women.

The money of Black women overtook white women
in the first 3 months of 2008. Colleen Harris looks
at this figure and says ” Black women do work very
hard and are the single earner in a household with
the whole weight of a family on their shoulders.

Black women take less time off work while having children
so we suffer less pay penalty when returning to work.
Many of us Black women work in health or social
services where pay has gone up.

Also, there have been 2 black women who
made strides in recent years. There have been
2 black women in the cabinet.

Last year 49.1 of black caribbean pupils achieved
5 GCSEs from A to C.


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