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For the foods we love, there are healthy substitutes!!

Ok, let me just say weight gain has made me want

to eat right. I have always been thin but having a little more pounds

is something I want to lose. There was a time where I had to try

very hard to eat fruit. Well it’s no surprise. I was not growing up

eating more and more fruit. But now since I want to lose weight

Fruit is composed in my everyday life. All other foods taste better

than fruit to me. Fruit is like the filler in my eating plan. I mean

filler like something to fill in the 3 meals I have a day. They are

like filling in a circle, something to fill that spot. Meat is the real

food that has substance. All fruit and no meat would be a HORRIFIC

healthy eating plan. So I eat mostly fruits but I eat meat with a salad

for dinner. For example a steak and salad or chicken and a salad.

Well, I love losing weight. I even believe that a class specifically

dedicated to losing weight should be required. FOod is life. People

need to eat so why not learn about it. THat’s a major portion of life

just like the money in math and the science in cooking.

So let’s understand the healthy way of eating. I hate

the word diet. I just call it, healthy eating spree. IT makes more

since to me. Ok people, do you want to eat healthy?

Eat healthy and be healthy and lose weight.

1. Substitute croissants, biscuits, white breads and rolls with

Low fat whole grain breads and rolls.

2. Doughnuts, pastries, and scones can be replaced by ENglish Muffins
and small whole grain bagels

3. Use soft tortillas ( corn or whole wheat) instead of Fried Tortillas.

4. Oatmeal and whole grain cereals are a lot healthier than
sugar cereals and regular granola.

5. Crackers like (animal,graham, rye, soda, saltine) are healthier than
snack crackers.

6. We all know how fattening potato chips, corn chips and buttered popcorn
is. So instead of those use pretzels unsalted and popcorn unbuttered.

7. Whole wheat pasta is better than white pasta.

8. Brown rice is more healthier than white rice.

9. Rice or pasta (without egg yolks) with veggies is a better
more healthier substitute of fried rice or pasta and rice mixes.

10. 100% whole wheat flour is healthier than all purpose white flour.

11. Some fried veggies or veggies served with cream cheese
or butter sauces is unhealthy. So its better to eat raw veggies, steamed,
broiled, baked, or tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper.

12. It’s healthier to eat fruit in water or light syrup than coconuts.

All of sudden I started eating fries with seasoned salt. Not a great
idea. IT made my blood pressure high and I could not donate blood.
So if you are going to eat fries, it’s better to do without the seasoned
salt. What’s even better than fries, hash browns and potato chips, is
baked, mashed and boiled potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Get out the fat before eating.Get lean, low fat meats.

Lean meats have the word loin or

round in their names.

Poulty made healthy is Baking, Broiling, roasting it.
Take off the skin and fat you can see before cooking.

Fish ( fresh, frozen, canner in water and lowfat fish sticks
or cakes and shellfish is healthier than fish sticks
or cakes, fish canned in oil , seafood served with
butter or served in high fat sauce.

Select grade lean beef (round, sirloin, and loin) is better
than marbled cuts.

Lean pork (tenderloin and loin chop) and turkey bacon is
healthier than Pork spare ribs and bacon.

Lean or extra-lean ground beef, ground chicken and turkey breast is
healthier than regular ground beef.

Lean lunch meats such as turkey, chicken and ham is healthier
than Lunch meats such as pepperoni, salami, bologna and liverwurst.

Fat-free hot dogs and turkey dogs is healthier than
Regular hot dogs or sausage.

Skim milk is better than regular milk. Evaporated skim milk in
soups and sauces.’

Skim ricotta replaces cream cheeses on a bagel or in a veggie
dip. Use 1% cottage cheese for salad and cooking.

Skim sherbet is healthier than ice cream.

Skim or l % milk is better than whole or 2% milk.
Evaporated skim milk is healthier than evaporated
milk. Buttermilk made from skim or 1% milk is
better than regular butter milk.

Substitute yogurt with whole milk for nonfat and lowfat yogurt.

In conclusion, be attentive to what
you eat. When people to just splurge
everyday it does not help the body or
the weight. Be assiduous (hardworking) when it comes to eating
healthy. Even eating healthy can improve other aspects of life. Before,
I thought I could never eat so much
fruit. I surprised my self. It’s an aquired taste, not something you just
get unless you naturally love fruits
and veggies. Even if you don’t love
them, these substitutes will help.


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