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Just when you think you are eating healthy…be careful to analyze those labels, phrases!

How some foods can kill people slowly…………….

They say watch what you eat. Guess what? They are not lying.

That’s the best advice. I was looking at a box of mash potatoes.

I love mash potatoes. I saw there was no sugar and no fat so

I was thinking how healthy is this? How could this be when

mash potatoes is so good? Well, I was reminded that

the starch in mash potatoes turns to sugar, so while

there is no added sugar, it’s naturally going to

be broken down to sugar. IT’s so complex.

There are many foods that are fat free but

have a lot of sugar and chemicals. Other foods have

reduced fat, but increased carbohydrates.

Then there is food that is low fat, but high glycemic


Some foods are sugar free, but have artificial stuff.

Even foods with no added sugar possibly have enough

natural sugar to give people type II diabetes anyway.

Diet food causes cancer in lab rats so what the heck
will it do to humans?

They should be ashamed how they prepare foods. They
are money hungry and ready for people to gain weight,
get sick or lose their lives. All I got to say about that

This is why diet soda ain’t nothing but a joke.

You have to read between the lines. Diet soda is where

they take out the sugar and add carniogenic artificial
sweeteners with artificial flavors and colors. Oh, don’t
forget the caffeine. It’s the equivalent of tumor in a can.
I remember I drunk diet orange pop that said no sugar.
I was like these people are joking. This pop is so strong,
it’s not flat, how can that be?

Crystal Light is great for flavor.

Peanuts have healthy fats that reduce triglycerides,
which promote cardiovascular disease. Peanuts have
copper, magnesium, vitamin E. Arginine, fiber and

On the other hand, peanuts are high in fat and
calories. Peanuts are the most pesticide
contaminated crops.

Almonds or natural organic peanut butter.
Reduce fat peanut butter makes it more unhealthy because
they add more sugar when they reduce the fat.

Omega 6 fatty acids increase inflammation which
ups your risk of cancer , arthritis, obesity. This is why
we prefer a balance of omega 3–s

Fat free or reduced fat salad dressing:

Less fat means less calories. In place of fat, they

put sugar. It’s either that or artificial sweeteners,

or artificial flavors.

Beneficial would be a salad dressing with
olive oil or use olive oil and vinegar as a
salad dressing.

The good of soy is linked to low testosterone and
increased estrogen in men. Soy promotes hypothyroidism,
thyroid cancer and infertility.

Soy can cause premature development
in girls and underdevelopment in boys.

A better chose instead of soy is a high protein

whole food like brown rice, goats milk,

coconut milk, almond milk, whole grains,

nuts, seaweeds, seeds, beans, and lentils.

Manufacturers put corn syrup in yogurts

and I’m thinking canned fruits. I never heard of

regular fruits loaded with corn syrup.

In conclusion, watch how you read the labels.

Think about what the product boxes are really saying.

Analyzethings and don’t just assume certain phrases

mean it’s absolutely healthy. They will trick us consumers

if we don’t completely understand.

I wish you all the best in your healthy

eating spree. The reason why I say healthy eating spree

is because it’s best to keep eating healthy.

Like when you shopping, we want to keep

getting those beautiful clothes that compliment our appearance.

Ofcourse we want variety in our clothes, just like variety in our

healthy eating patterns helps. Too much of one food can get

you tired, sick of it.

And as much fun as eating is, in order to go on

that shopping spree and wear the best of clothes, ofcourse we gotta

watch what we eat. Isn’t life much more fun when you burn calories?

We want our weight and our clothes to be the opposite, more clothes,

less weight. Dig it?


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