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For those who can’t get enough of the braid style!!

A design of my own / flat twist with curls on the side

We all know braids
make a STRONG statement.
They can be so debonair
and elegant. So go ahead,
explore, see if any of these
is your style or catches your

Back view / flat twist style

Oh yes, this is one of my
favorite braid styles. It reminds me
of a seashell. It is such a gorgeous
hair style.

Custom Braid Design

This style has brung a star
right down to earth literally.

Cornrow design

I take one look at this, then I say
“Gorgeous”. It even reminds me of
a U-turn part.

Cornrow design

What goes up must come
down like they say. See how the
braids go straight up and they
curl out like a waterfall.

Cornrow design

This hairstyle particularly
reminds me of NIke. Do you see it like

cornrow design

The zigzag braiding is
classic. What you think?


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