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My black people, ladies and gents, I lost weight by Taebo and eating this way!

{This has been updated}

Well, just to let you all know. I'm
22 now,just turned 22 November 24 2008. I'm
5'3. I am in the process of losing weight.
See I used to weigh 138 and that got to me.
I got mad. I hurried up and started eating
right, cold turkey. I was like, it's not
going higher, only lower. After weeks of
eating better and excercizing, I am now 110 pounds. I lost 5 inches off
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Yes God. I thank God. That tae bo burns
800 calories an hour. It really
works up a sweat on me.
I sweat in my hair, my stomach,
my neck, my back. Taebo really
revs up my metabolism. IT makes
my heart pump faster. I feel
like it makes me spin sometimes.
It's the most convenient way
to excercise without even leaving
the home. Taebo is the must
fun excercise and I stick with it.

IT's Taebo everyday. I can't get
enough of it. I even do Taebo
moves when I'm dancing to music.

So I do tae bo
for one hour. I do this 7 days a week.

I excercize longer because
I'm watching a video tape of other people doing
the excercises. That's how i get my 1 hour

It got boring with my own dance routine,so I dance only at
certain days but it's Taebo
I do everyday.Time moves alot faster that way.
So I keep getting those excercize tapes.
Plus I been eating better. I cut
pop out of my eating plan. If I go back to
pop again, I will get the small bottle
so it won't last for days.

I do the food combining,where
the body digests meats and salads better
than other combinations. I will get more
into that.

I eat a fruit bar, cheerios which
is good for lowering cholesterol. I eat
apples, grapes, and even a steak with
salad or chicken with salad.

Sometimes I'll eat a banana, or
granola cereal, strawberry fruit bar Special
K from Kellogs.

Sometimes I may eat a skinny piece of

or 5 crackers with peanut butter.

I can't stand water weight that comes sometimes
with what you eat. So I take a
water pill to get my real weight.

I also heard that Bran muffins are
healthier. I just recently bought a muffinthat looks like it's bran. It taste so good,I'm thinking is it really a bran muffin? It taste like a brownie and it's a muffin with that chocolate stuff on my hands.I could not find the label that says bran muffin so that's why I don't know what
kind of muffin that was.

If you eat in the weight loss process, wait 3 or 4 days before weighing yourself. When you take a splurgeday, it's temporary weight.

I, at 22, have been able to take
off two days in a week for splurge
days. I weigh myself on the 4th day.
Then I take off on the 4th and 5th
day to eat anything I want, multiple
types of junk food.

It's best for me to weigh myself every week so I can know my progress. IF a person gains
two pounds they will see and try a different way of eating so they don't gain 4 pounds.That's why I weigh myself every week.

ANyways, I read somewhere that if you get too little calories then the metabolism slows down.So the body needs some fat, but in small amounts.

I drink 2% milk which is 50% fattening. How do I know? I got this information from a video tape called Shopping with Susan that shows
how fattening some foods are. If you type in the title i'm sure you can find it online" Shopping with Susan".

Questions?, let me know in a comment. I will get back to you immediately if you have questions or comments.

CHeck out the Taebo websites: and

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