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Back view of my first braids, plus new hairstyles of me are right in here, this way!

Yes, this picture shows my shoulders. I’m wearing a strapless dress in this picture so
that’s why it shows my shoulders.The same
dress is in the 2nd picture below, same hairstyles. I guess my mother got a really
close angle and that’s why my dress does not show in this picture.


This 2nd picture is the same picture as the
picture above. So the first picture above
this one is the back view of my braids
to this 2nd picture.

Black Power, yep an afro style with
braids in the back.

Yeah, well had to switch it up, more
braids at the top this time.

Yes, my mother really got a close up here.

I hope I can find more hairstyles for
anyone who wants them.


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