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Questions about me Answered!!

Tea Tea 015

What was my best moment in high school?

Graduation, which was June 3, 2004.
Everybody was told to wear white
for graduation. I wore black because
I already bought a Black Dress before
they told us.

What is my favorite excercise?
Taebo, because I love kickboxing.

What is something I want to learn how
to do?

I want to swim, water relaxes me
so much.

What college do I want to attend?
A Black college in SOuth Carolina,
Benedict COllege.

What was one of my most difficult

Music Theory, I got help from a tutor
with the class but he did not have
enough time to tutor me more.

Math was also a difficult class. I’m telling you I had to get help with that
class every time I had an assignment
with every math problem.

What makes me feel good?
I enjoy helping people. I enjoy
being online. I enjoy going to church.
I love to be surrounded by water.

My favorite food?
Nacho belle grande. It’s so addictive
but I have self control over my eating.

Who helps me in life?
God, he has been my support
system. My family helps me.
I help myself.

What games do I like?
Dominoes online, I want to set them
up one day.

What gives me pride in myself?
Well, standing alone. I don’t
need people to think for me.
I don’t go with the in crowd.
I’m a leader, not a follower.
I’m not a people’s pleaser,
I’m helpful but I’m not trying
to be what everyone else is.

What is important to me?
Making a change in this sad world,
where chaos is in so many places.
It’s important for me to lose weight,
which I have been doing. It’s important
for my hair to grow, which has been

What are my values?
Sticking to my own character.

What songs make me emotional?

Gospels songs mostly, like Thank You
Lord by Walter Hawkins, Silver and

What new things would I like to try?
I would like to mentor people,
travel to new places, write a
children’s book,etc.

My favorite gadget?
Laptop or any kind of internet

What have I done to help others?
I volunteered to help with a children’s
summer program with two Pastors.
I helped people with their school work.
I offer tips about weight loss and
hair tips. I offer tips on anything
I learn about.

My favorite trip?
I went on a Black COllege Tour
to Georgia. I got to see The
Underground Atlanta. I bought
a necklace and coca cola shorts
and top. I saw a recording booth.
Georgia is beautiful. I saw upclose
with CNN.

Favorite foods:
Lasagna, Pizza, Nacho Belle Grande,
fries, chilli, cornbread, hamburgers,etc

Tv Shows with the best music:
A Different World, Half and Half.

Ideal Scenery:
Rocks, water, waterfalls, pools

What is my year in college?
2nd year

My opinions:
Popularity is not important.

Favorite video games:
Crypt Raider, Michael Michael
Go Recycle, Eternal Champions,

What gives me a rush?
Rollercoasters, go carts

My favorite subject?
Black HIstory


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