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Ladies, ya’ll see I was looking out for you in the gallery of nail designs for our pleasure!


Maybe I don't always get my nails done.
You know some people even bite their nails,
a bad habit. But I have always had long nails
cause I don't bite them. I'm not really into
fake nails. I love natural nails like I love
natural hair. Some nails can be so long it
looks impossible to handle things. But If I
was to get any type of design on my own nails
it would be these.

A gallery of the most elegant and
fashionable nail designs! Enjoy!

Intergalactically Sexy 2

cococuff & nail design

..::: Mystic Nails :::..

'09 Style

Christmas Style 3

DK Expo Nails

Turquoise Bloom

Mystical Passion

Winter Frost 2

Winter Frost 2

365 days 1501 001

Ko Ko Nails 06

Ko Ko Nails 04


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