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I used to eat way TOO much before I started losing weight!!!

Nachos Bellgrande

Oh, it was the times when I used to eat and drink throughout the day. I used to eat at different times when I wanted. I always loved meats more than sweets. I would eat with No schedule, nothing. My number one rule, never eat after 12 am.

I was never obese fortunately but I ate a lot. Obese is still beautiful if the person got great features. Thin is beautiful too. But obese would not look right on me. I could never imagine an obese me.

I will say though that I used to eat a WHOLE pizza. It was funny though. I would eat that whole pizza and go straight for the pop. It was LITTle Caesar's $5.00 pizza twice a month. I ate the whole pizza twice a month. I know it's so greedy, it was addictive. It made my stomach hurt though later on.

THen here's me, trying something different. I switched to JEt's pizza, which has 6 square slices with a crispy and delicious, outstanding crust. I was happy because it was smaller that LIttle Caesar's pizza. But still 6 slices is ALOT.

At times I would get big pieces of chicken and pile the mash potatoes high.Mom said now this is ridiculous. IT was.

Another time I went to a pizza place and people I know would watch me eat.Hahaha. I would go one slice after another. A church lady told someone yes, Tamarva can eat.

Yes, all of that stuff I know is bad for digestion. You know the body
can't digest too much food at once. If only I could have burned off those
calories as fast as I could eat them.

One time at a BBQ picnic, I ate 3 hamburgers and 2 hot dogs. I love bbq foods. I kept gulping down juice. Later, I ate spaghetti and fish and some other stuff. My mouth kept saying more because it tasted so good.

I went around the church lifting, walking till my legs got tired which was
hours of excercise. People no matter what if you eat too much and you
do hours and hours of excercise, it still does not burn off every calorie.
I heard my mother talk about guys going to the gym to exercise
extra just to burn off the splurge of food they ate. It don't work like that.
I wish it did. I used to think it would.

But back to my eating habits.Yes, okay, I was greedy but I know how it feels to want more. It's so
many foods to eat and so many cravings. I ate so much My mother said
you eat like 3 men. I would laugh ha ha ha! I was still small. Still I am now ofcourse.

THe problem is I did not know how to stop eating. I told myself eat until I am stuffed and don't want the taste no more. That's a bad voice. You can get full off vegetables and meats or carbs with veggies or any food combination without stuffing yourself
to you feel heavy just walking. But in reality it made me feel fat but I was still a normal size with a little extra. I was never more than 138 pounds.

Plus, there are times when my mother was eating. I would say whatever you don't finish, I will eat that off your plate. I will take away some calories for you.

Oh I would break up my exercise, doing 30 minutes in the evening because I'm not a morning person. And hours late I would do another 30 minutes and
call it an hour.

At 20 minutes the body is just starting to burn calories, so people
what is 20 minutes now? An hour or more shows to be more effective. An hour is everything. 2 hours is way more effective ofcourse, especially if you don't put hours in between before you do the next hour.

OH that was all before I turned 22.That's when my metabolism slowed down.It is a fact that many people metabolismsslow down in the 20s. Why I don't know?It's still so young.

Now I see food everywhere more and more.It's too many food fliers, food ads on tv,food ads on the store, and food thoughts in my head now. But I resist now and
fortunately, I'm still losing weight.
I weigh 110 pounds NOW!

I look at food like this:
Fruits and veggies are the fillers, something to fill in the blank, the bubble, the spot where my food goes. IT's not a pleasure but I need their vitamons and I need them for more weight loss.

Meat and carbs are the real things for make to me full and satisfied. Still I don't eat heavy carbs everyday. That slows down on getting rid of body fat. I had to programthe fruits and veggies. I'm just now trying to start more veggies besides salad.

IT seems to be the men and children who don't gain weight as fast. But if more children have fruits and veggies as kids maybe it would be easier to eat those
foods as adults.

Thank you all for reading this.

This pizza is a
Chicago Style Pizza.

I never tasted it, but it looks
great. I tasted other pizzas, but it
represents my love of food.

Zachary's Chicago Style Pizza


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