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Encourage your weight down!!!!

My hair and weight are opposite, like two arrows going in different directions, Hair growing, weight thinning,

I flash my face and all I could show is me grinning, I consider my body to be an etched design,

click, click,click like photos on a camera and tick tick tick, it gets my mind going,

A new day for me, a day where I wear more of what looks good and is form fitting, I lost and I manage my weight likecontinuously hitting a target I want to be hitting,

The tears of emotional happiness rush like a sea, Such amazement takes over me, I've experienced that kinda loss most people wish they had, loss after loss in weight,

I'm watching those pounds and the dates,I'm taking the pounds off as if they were the smallest
set of weights,

When I exercise to the max as if I were doing my own fitness tape in a sporty way, The fat
melt off like butter right off of me,

Metabolism so revved
up it's like it should be spinning in circles, My fat was gone like water turned to a vapor, The weight I want,
I'm calling it out,

I've lost and I'm still working
on more lost, Fries are crisp to the
taste, but what I can taste even more is a skinny waist!.


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