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Hair Sticks are the most beautiful and chic hair decorations!!

Hair Sticks

Chopsticks anyone? No I'm just kidding. These hair sticks I found
online are in great taste. So put
the emphasis on YOUR hairstyles.

There are silver metal hair sticks. They are set up to
your convenience so they will not tarnish. You can unwrap the wire
and add the beads of your choice.

Next, the Paua shell laminated hair sticks
have such sweet intricate patterns about 7 inches

Third, the Black lip shell laminated hair sticks are created
with black lip shell laminated cemented onto a wooden stick
with a smooth look. Wood core is conveniently end drilled at
the side for attaching bead drops and charm dangles.

Can't Get Enough
I Just love those hairsticks!

Gators #1 shawl pin

Pick Me- hair stick / fibula pin

copper barrette

Triagle Metal Hair Comb

Adjustable Abstract Metal Hair Barrette

Hair Sticks Updo Front

Poplar and Oak Hair Forks

paua shell purple hair sticks