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Visuals of the Glass Showers are the perfect example of showering and bathing in luxury!!!

Bathroom Shower / Bathtub Combination

I have been touring houses since I was a kid. There's been years since I toured houses but I have started back again. The opportunity presented itself.

House 1, the above glass shower to me looks like a space shuttle.

Doesn't it make your mind just
wonder? The cabinets are a
light brown complimenting the
textures. I want to go there
wherever this is.

Prizma - Glass Bathtub

House 2, The Glass
Shower once again…..IT is
called the Prizma Glass Bathtub!!! And you can see why,
just like a prism is clear, it is as
clear as a prism.

Out of all my 22 years, I have not ever seen a glass tub. That just goes to show you that people are always thinking about designing and doing it better.

Marble Tiles

3,The Marble Tiles Glass Shower Door.
The definition of a regular
shower is just a shower head with
the levers, tub,etc. But when
you step into a glass shower you
stepped into a new zone. Nothing
like a shower like this, especially
with levers. Oh and a shower like
this looks like a life size gadget..

Master Shower

4,The Master Shower, that’s what they call it.

It’s like a house inside a house. It’s
set up where you can put shower
bathing items. I love it.

Glass tile shower

House 5 shows Another
Glass Shower……..

This is one of my many
favorite aspects of houses.

IT’s of marble texture. I could just
imagine rubbing my hands across
that texture.

Master Bath with Roman Tub and Glass Block Window, Oversized Shower and Private Water Closet.  Dual Sinks and Upgraded Cherry Cabinets

House 6,The PRivate Water Closet......

I just want to jump right in.
The glass next to it looks like
a glass shower. Imagine, the
room to just stretch your legs
and arms and not see all this
plain,bland wall. It's more than
a dream. For some it will be made
true.What a blessing!

High Tech Shower

House 7, Black/Silver Coordinated Glass

This particular shower is perfect for
two people because of the double
shower heads or a person could
shower on the left one day, shower
on the right side the other day.

I want
to take a look inside those houses!!

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