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Since I hear about so many cases of drunk driving,let me inform people about the STRICTER consequences of DUI’s!


In order to save the world, sometimes you must be warned.
Others will be so stubborn and not listen, but I hope the world gets
saved. I have been hearing about people who drink and drive. It is
not responsible and it is also dangerous.

Me personally, I don't drink at all. Getting drunk is not a great
thing to do anyways. I've always wanted to be conscious and aware
of my surroundings and I would never drink and drive no matter
what. But again like I said, I don't drink any alcohol anyways.

I know people may be unhappy or just trying to have fun but
it's time to avoid drunk driving. Don't be a statistic. No one has
to be. Call a cab, call a friend, call a family member, just don't
drink and drive.

Drunk driving consequences are getting MORE SERIOUS
so I will just warn you all. The fines and penalties are bigger
now. You never know how much one day, or one night, can make
people's lives troublesome.

Based on the information I read on the website,drunk driving
can hold you up or slow you up. And isn't life hard enough without
more consequences? Hey, I'm just trying to reach someone's mind.

Drunk driving can get people jail time. NOt only that, there are
court costs,
loss of job income(and we know in these economic
hard times it is especially tragic to lose a job). Plus, the person
would be looking at
attorneys fees,
increased insurance rates,
car impound and towing fees,
loss of driving priviledges,
cost of drivers education classes,
cost and inconvenience of ignition interlock
device installed on car,
community service time, and killing or
hurting someone.

Well sometimes I wonder, are people seeing the whole picture
or just parts of the picture? Or are they seeing just 10% of the picture?
WHatever amount they see, they need to really adjust their focus
to the whole picture.ANy drunk driver should take into mind
these facts? It's not worth it.

Suppose a drunk driver wants
to go to college and work, then they end up losing their job
and they cannot be independent anymore. Really drunk
driving is not worth taking a person's life or hurting someone,
or getting hurt. And also, it's NOT worth the money.So you
can save a life and save your money.

It is wise for the drunk person to get
a cab ride, a ride from a friend,or
family member. Also, you can try this
drunk driver's ride: A Safe Ride Solutions, Call them at (208) 938-4500
or email them for your ride home at

Also here is the Safe Ride Solutions
Website so a person can get a safe
ride home for their drunk days:


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