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Part 2 with this drunk driving thing, be responsible not to do it! Plus, a listing of DUI laws by state!


If you be responsible, you
will see the rainbow, or a better day!!

Part 2:Drunk driving laws by state! Every state has their own rules!

Each state has their own rules on drunk driving. I never
really thought about that but, now I know today. So
I'm glad I know so I can inform others.

In Alabama, a person cannot drive with a blood alcohol level
of .08% or higher. Oh and the person does not have
to be driving to get arrested for a Dui. If you are
in control of a vehicle, if it's not moving, you can
be charged with drunk driving.

1 year in jail

A required $100 donation to Imparied

Drivers Trust fund,

Alcohol assessment and evaluation,

Possible alcohol treatment program,

$600 and $2,100 in

For First offenders on dui- 90 days
Second offenders get 1 year
Third offenders get 3 years
Fourth offenders -get 5 years
The consequences of dui are just ugly yall.

Here in Michigan, here are the consequences!:

First, the drunk driver could end up with a Misdemeanor charge
A person could getUp to $500 in fines plus court costs
The drunk driver could spend 93 days in jail
Also, the drunk driver can get Up to 45 days of community service
In addition, this person will have to take Alcohol education courses
Oh, but it's wise to not just stop at Michigan and Alabama. Go to your
state or any other state you like. Each state is listed on it's DUI Laws.
Let's avoid driving under the influence.And don't get confused people,
buzzed driving is drunk driving. Now here is a listing of DUI laws by
state here:

Buzzed in the first place implies
someone's high, but even just a little bit or really high
will never be worth the risk people!

Check and see if this program is available in YOUR state!

For a ride home, email the Safe Ride solutions or call them:
Email: Phone: (208) 938-4500.Oh,you
can even go to their website:


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