Africans invented chess, democracy and many other things!

Play Chess... Not Checkers... as Vikas would say

The Africans invented so much. It involves everyday things that
some people take for granted. Yet, without these things the Africans made,there would be something missing. So Basically the Africans made

the world better and corrected spots where the world lacked. Therefore

I present you with a list of African inventions:

Maths and Engineering
Paper (from paprus)
Calendars: Solar, Lunar, Astrological, ect. (360 days/12 months
Art and Literature, Philosophy and Spiritual Systems
Labor and Economics
Belief in one God
Mining (Gold, Tin, Copper, Iron and other metals)
Domestication of Animals
When you get to the site with all this information,

you will see a story about how black people made the world

greater.( Black people invented alot. )But after that story you will

see a chart with African inventions which you can easily scan through.

Then it’s a chart of Contemporary black inventors right underneath it.

You can find all this information here: