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UNCF students need a emergency donation so they can continue to attend college!

United Negro College Fund

Please help keep thousands of students at UNCF member institutions to
continue their time in college. They are struggling to pay off their bills and
complete their courses. Therefore they must raise $5 million to help them.

IF these students don't get help really soon, these students will have racked
up large debts and have no degree.

THe economic downturn is deeply effecting college students. Colleges all
over the country are reporting that thousands of students are in jeopardy
out of school this semester. They will not be able to return in the fall.
For a lot of them, loans are not made readily available in this credit crunch,
federal financial aid is only so much and many parents lost their jobs
because of downsizing.

If you care and have the money, you can help them.


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