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Well, here’s what I learned about Mass COmmunications in the form of a Sample Resume!


Mass Communications is one of the most interesting careers
a person could have. Oh yes! According to me, charismaallover.
Why? Because I’m a writer and I like to communicate in many
different aspects as you can see. I’m always trying to
get a message out. There’s so many careers in the world I would never
do and one that would make my day to get involved in–Mass

I was talking with my brother. He’s always checking up on me.
He was asking me did I know that there are people with college
degrees not able to get into their field of study? I said why?
He replied ” Sometimes a degree is not enough. You have
to have additional skills”. Well, I guess they don’t want
to make it easy on people. They don’t want people
to just think that they can just get skills in one
aspect. I’m always thinking about the topics
that are helpful, entertaining and information.
But back to my brother, he suggested I look
up sample career resumes.

So I looked up the Mass COmmunications Resume

The sample resume showed a high gpa for the major and
that the person was in the Public Relations Student Society
of AMerica.

THey had achieved a 4th year level of Spanish conversation
and literature knowledge.

I was told that knowing a foreign language really helps when you
want to get hired for a job.

They created their own personal website.
They created a brochure for a well known organization.
THen they interviewed people, wrote a copy of
the organization key concepts of fun, diversity
and communication.

Producing fliers, posters, newspaper ads, annual brochures
for campus wide distribution was on the list of things this
person did. This person publicized monthly social and
educational meetings.

This person talked about awards, rewards they received.

Skills listed was adobe photoshop, quarkexpress, html,
Excel, Powerpoint, Word.

Digital 35 mm, video photography

Associated Press style, proofreading,
editing text from multiple contributors into whole

A Good amount of spoken and written Spanish

Well, I see what this person has for extra skills. Me personally, I want
to obtain those same skills. I only know a little of MS Word, Powerpoint,
Excel, it’s all basic. I would like to learn more. I myself know high school
Spanish and College French. The college I would like to attend has
a 4th level of French and Spanish. I’ve always wondered how could
I be fluent in those languages. But anyone looking to learn foreign
languages can get easy translation from
They have multiple languages, more than Spanish and French.

Check out the whole resume:


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