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Don’t be the broke college student, be the money making college student! Here’s how!

You ready for this money? lol Get some!
It takes a skill or effort to make money. Sometimes
resources of how to make money are right over
your head.

But for now, Go ahead, imagine yourself in front of a pile of money.
The goal is to get as much you can in a timed session.
How much do you think you can get in 5 minutes?Now that
that’s over…..

Well fellow readers, I was looking online for some ways
to make money on college campus.

1. You could sell your plasma to make money. When I went to donate blood plasma, I almost
fainted because I did not each much. So do eat a full breakfast. My left
arm ofcourse is hard to poke with the needle. I always like to watch the needle
go into my arm. There is no looking away from me.

2. Participate in a Research Study. THere are colleges
that actually pay you for doing a research study. THe studies
come in various shapes and forms. Some studies will require
you to fill out surveys. Others will ask you to try out product
or treatment.

3. Get a job passing out fliers. They may ask you to put
the fliers on apartment doors or put them on car windshields.

4.Another option is to Tutor. Be an official tutor for your
college. I had heard that the college paid the music theory
tutor to tutor students.

5. Photography can pull the money in. If you are good at taking
pcitures, students at the college may need wedding pictures or
graduation pictures.

6. Sell stuff you don’t need. You can sell these products/items
on ebay or craigslist. Have your own garage sale if your up for it.
There are times where free section on Craiglist and sell them
at a decent profit.

7. Another option is to get a part time job on campus. They can
be easy campus reserve jobs just for students. They build around
your schedule because they work with you well. They don’t
want you slipping up.

8. You could sell your sporting event tickets. IF you want
to sell this tickets to non college students for a college
with a big sports program.

9. Blogging your way to money. THis site talks about how sites
give you money for your blog:
I found this site myself.

10. Recycling can roll in the green paper. Go ahead and clean
your campus up. Get the bottles and the cans together into an

11. Becoming a TA can lead you to getting money. Departments and
professors will pay students for this role of being a TA. CHeck with
your major’s department for listings.

12. Get involved in research. Some professors offer the opportunity
to do paid research assistanceships to fortunate undegrad students.
Oh, and it’s like taking out two birds with one stone. It gets you
paid cash and is a great asset to have on your resume.

13. You can sell your class notes. I can honestly say I would have never
thought of this one. People may be out of town and need someone
to take notes for them. Or someone may have an event to tend to,
or activity so you can get money from that.

14. Sell candy/pop to your classmates. Well if you get any
deals on your candy pop, I can see this as making a profit
if you sell it for money. But I was thinking that the price
would have to be really low when you buy to get a big
price back. I don’t know, ya’ll think on that one.

Anyways, I’m tired of the term broke college student. So let’s make
money on college. They are going to have to change it to the
resourceful college student. On the other hand they could call
it the money flow college student. Oh, since you have the ideas
to get paid, go out and do some, all of them and be blessed!


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