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Saxygurl brings style and class in her personal style and her hairstyle!

How many styles are there in the world?

How many angles can you form these styles? What do these styles remind you

of. Let’s start off with Saxygurl’s hairstyle.

Saxygurl is the hippest, most creative and

beautiful woman. She has the longest hair.

I wish my hair was her length. I would walk

many miles for hair like that. In the above

video, she is braiding her hair bottom to top.

It’s like the cornrow updo. I really enjoy

this updo. I even do my updos too. I have

the face for them and as you can see from

the video, so does she. Saxygurl does her

cornrowing. Then she pins it

up. It’s like a combination of roses, and one

of the those really gorgeous instruments.

She wears it so well, with the most

elegant and jazzy accessories. She is the

style, beauty, dress icon, and modeling

everything to the T. Much applause to this

beautiful woman. She’s got alot of great

ideas. After all, that’s why I’m subscribed to

her. Like her, I do my own hairstyles. I

admire this about her. Oh, what I could do

with hair that length? I do alot with my

length,but her length is something to ride

home about. It’s definitely an attention


Once you see her hairstyles, the image

will be locked in. I’m such a fan.


2 thoughts on “Saxygurl brings style and class in her personal style and her hairstyle!

  1. Thanks HeartofAfrika. I’m just now checking my blog because I’m an overworked college student.
    I miss my blog much and glad you enjoyed it!

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