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The First Black Newspaper Holding it down while other newspapers are Struggling!

Philadelphia Tribune, 02

Through the tough times, there are your survivors and people who
don’t survive.There are the businesses that the close and the businesses
that stay open. The challenge is how to keep it open.

Appparently, in media, my favorite subject, the first black newspaper is
still afloat. It is known already that print media has it troubles.

Based on, 10,000 newspaers jobs has carried away
into nonexistence.Print ad sales declined 30% in the first part of the year.
23 of the top 25 newspapers expressed that circulation declined between
7% and 20%. Over 100 newspaper operations have been shutdown. AMong
those, a few include Seattle Post Intelligencer and the Rocky Mountain News.

Not only newspapers, magazines like Vibe, Portfolio, and Blender are
strugglng. THe Philadelphia Tribune’s success in print media
has yet to take a downturn. I proudly say that the Philadelphia
Tribune is the oldest black published newspaper in AMerica with
it’s 125 year anniversary. It was established in 1884
as a way for African Americans to speak out against injustice.

My opinion is that other newspapers/magazines should follow
the example as the Philadelphia Tribune. They need to keep
their own style and ideas ofcourse, but just get some much
needed advice from this company as they need it very much.

Robert BOgle is the president of the PHiladelphia Tribune. The irony
of it all is that he was behind the scenes of the tribune as
a youngin’. His father worked there and he grew up there
when he was just a child.

THe pressed they put to use is about 70 years old, still able
to be used some more. His dad, Thomas Logan states this, ”
Every issue he would have something about the black people
and people wanted to read about themselves.” That still holds
true today.”

Sam Muelbellieger says “It’s really our home base paper that really
taps the heartbeat of the African American community and other
papers don’t tend to gravitate toward that area. So we have something
like a family type of situation with the Tribune.

E Washington Rhodes’ testimony is that if you needed $500,
he would see to it that you got it, right out of his pocket.
And we didn’t have any money back then. I remember we
could hardly make payroll.”

Times have definitely change. Currently, The Tribune’s
circulation is more than 220,000 weekly. It is published
5 times weekly in Philadelphia and is conveniently
found online.

Robert Bogle explains why The Philadelphia Tribune is
staying strong “Because we’re doing today what Chris
Perry did 125 years ago. And today, like 125 years ago,
that continues to be. And that’s why.”

So, that’s a great testimony that something so commonly
dedicated to the black race is the last one standing. Yet,
there are still newspapers hoping, wishing they could be
in their shoes. The Philadelphia Tribune is extra special
and unique to be rolling around this long. Well, look
forward to them to keeping those wheels going.

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